Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Novel- A Walk to Remember
Author- Nicholas Sparks

Prologue itself take you aback and with a question what has happend to Landon 40 years back as it says,'First you will smile then, you will cry, dont say that you were not warned. {And i must tell you can not resist} Initially, Nicholas Sparks describe the base of the story as in about characters, their perception, past which turns out to be bit boring till page 12 and if you admire Nicholas Sparks work he always bring something pretentious in his novels that is why i choose to read it further as i was longing to read how Jamie and Landon relationship chapter will bring colour to the novel. One can not take his eyes off from this novel, it achingly move us till end and as a reader i started hoping that what author has describe may that end changed, may Landon and Jamie stays together forever and start painting their lives with colour of love and happiness.

Awww Moment

1. In page 127 when Landon goes to Jamie father to take his permission so that he can take Jamie for the dinner. { who does all of this now a days}

2. In page 145 
     You really love her, don't you. says his mother.
      With all my heart. he replied

3. In Page 166
    Landon decision for a marriage, although he knows that boat of them together will never sail for long.

Favourite Quote
                            Life is unpredictable

Unfold miracles of joy, love, faith and how it give us an aspiration to live, value of forgiveness and courtesy.
                             - A Novel Reviewer (Moheta)

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