Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The final call DEATH

Novel: The final call Death
Author: Bhakti Pursottam Swami

             Death is inevitable, try to fathom how to live life.
                                                        -A Novel Reviewer (Moheta)

well! after reading this novel i have found my answer to every question related to death. i am sure everyone has once thought about when a person dies, what happens to him? and what is death? certainly i am wholly assimilated about each and every aspect about death and lord doings.

Arjuna from Mahabharta was worried the many of his family member will die in a fight, that he lost his desire to fight. He said,"even if i gain the three worlds, i'll still not be happy by killing." Lord Krishna explained to him that death

dehino 'smin yatha dehe
Kaumaram yauvanam jara
tatha dehantara-praptir
dhiras tatra na muhyati

some people think death is the end of everything for this life and for this body but not for the soul which exist eternally. Death means change of body. In fact our body changes every moment and thus everyone is dying repeatedly. Just as our bodies are changing throughout our lives, they also change at the time of death. when the present body becomes old and of no use then the soul leaves body and receives a new body according to previous karma.  

This novel is a big thumbs up to the one who love to read and want their muddle life to turn into pragmatic and happier. Not only you will learn about death but the art of living.

Friday, 24 February 2017

And The Mountains Echoed

Novel-And the mountains echoed
Author-Khaled Hosseini

It gives you hope.-A Novel Reviewer(Moheta)

we humans love chasing mirages. Sometimes we suffered a number of exasperating setbacks, and for that we blame God. We draw ourselves with incredulity in God.

But I can say after reading Khaled hosseini, 'And the mountains echoed'. My perception has changed, not everything we perceive is negative, it all depends how we see it. He is an impeccable author, no words can describe his work. His novel initiate like this, Once there was baba, he reached the div fort. With shredded clothes, feet bloodied, all dusty. Violent wind nearly tore him still he continue to walk until he reach div's massive gate of fort.
Who dare? The doc voice boomed when baba threw stone at the gate. Baba stated his name and said. I come from the village named maidan. Do you have a wish to die? What is your business? Said div.
"I have down here to kill you"
The doc grinned, may I ask you what evil I have commited against you? "You took my youngest son", baba replied. He was the most dearest thing to me.
The doc grunted him again and studied baba thought he than ask him to follow him. They walked until they reach one room which has large window and it was covered with curtain. The div pull the curtain open. Through the window, baba looked down on an enormous garden, and it was filled with vibrant colours flowers. In three lifetimes he could not have imagined a place so beautiful. But bought baba on knees when he saw his son 'kalyan' alive and more than well. He than thought, if my son stays with me, may be I ll then not be able to afford all the facilities he deserves. I should let it go.


Khaled Hosseini has come up with this ecstatic novel just to change our perception towards impeccable world, and to draw your own world of happiness and love.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Mrs Funny Bones

Novel-Mrs. Funny Bones.
Author-Twinkle Khanna.

Hilarious and Twinkle whacking observation about common world problem. 
- A Novel Reviewer (Moheta).

I would not recommend this novel to someone who is not ready to read someone views about certain topics. But i would say she is way better than Chetan Bhagat. People who had read 'What Young India wants' of Chetan Bhagat and found it babbling your views about Bhagat writting will eventually turn out to that he is very poor writer i won't say that he is indeed bad writer, earlier his writings were more appropriate and intelligent but they have turned into more chidishly now a days.

Back to Twinkle Khanna, in her novel she  has described her own views in hilarious way plus you do not get bored unless Chetan Bhagat Novels always tend too.

Her observations about life is wholly unique. When she find out that her son has fallen in love even though he is not a teen rather than reacting OMG! how could you and blah blah... like our parent do. she made a smart move rather than abolishing or setting point against his thought she waited for a magic and it happend in the end where her son girlfriend has to move out of mumbai because her dad is transffered to some other state. I am still thinking we indians are growing very fast like a a boy not even a teen is falling in love. But it is not even his fault as he is describing new world in his own way like unless in his age we get confuse where to sit in class.

Yes to the one you want to read for entertainment purpose as this novel doesnt require our imagination button to get on, but simply read and smile.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Message in a bottle

Novel- Message in a Bottle
Author- Nicholas Sparks

A true love never die, even when other is not around anymore. It than become very difficult to fathom life.

I still remember, as i was sitting beside my grandfather, out of blue he started expressing his love for grandmother and how they were destined to be together and how lead their lives and had children. His emotions and love for her still give spark in his life as he cherish them even after 10 years of seperation.

Nicholas sparks always come up with stories that unraveled beliefs,love and something we feel. Message in a bottle propelled me to cry with a plausible thought that true love, alway remain in heart no matter what. 
This novel is all about a man named Garrett who is left with two questions plagued him without answers.

1. Will he ever forget his lost wife catherine and move ahead with new aspirations?
2. Will he love Theresa as much as he loved Catherine? 

And when he learned his feelings for Theresa. Life took a forlorn turn which left Theresa with a permanent fence.

AWWW Moment

Page-202 Garrett voice turned serious. ''hey, i want you to know something.''
What?  Theresa.
"I miss you."
Page-205 Roses sent by Garrett to Theresa in her office. With a note he miss her and longing to meet her again.

Message in a Bottle will left your heartbeat surging.
-A Novel Reviewer (Moheta)

Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Novel- A Walk to Remember
Author- Nicholas Sparks

Prologue itself take you aback and with a question what has happend to Landon 40 years back as it says,'First you will smile then, you will cry, dont say that you were not warned. {And i must tell you can not resist} Initially, Nicholas Sparks describe the base of the story as in about characters, their perception, past which turns out to be bit boring till page 12 and if you admire Nicholas Sparks work he always bring something pretentious in his novels that is why i choose to read it further as i was longing to read how Jamie and Landon relationship chapter will bring colour to the novel. One can not take his eyes off from this novel, it achingly move us till end and as a reader i started hoping that what author has describe may that end changed, may Landon and Jamie stays together forever and start painting their lives with colour of love and happiness.

Awww Moment

1. In page 127 when Landon goes to Jamie father to take his permission so that he can take Jamie for the dinner. { who does all of this now a days}

2. In page 145 
     You really love her, don't you. says his mother.
      With all my heart. he replied

3. In Page 166
    Landon decision for a marriage, although he knows that boat of them together will never sail for long.

Favourite Quote
                            Life is unpredictable

Unfold miracles of joy, love, faith and how it give us an aspiration to live, value of forgiveness and courtesy.
                             - A Novel Reviewer (Moheta)