Sunday, 19 February 2017

Message in a bottle

Novel- Message in a Bottle
Author- Nicholas Sparks

A true love never die, even when other is not around anymore. It than become very difficult to fathom life.

I still remember, as i was sitting beside my grandfather, out of blue he started expressing his love for grandmother and how they were destined to be together and how lead their lives and had children. His emotions and love for her still give spark in his life as he cherish them even after 10 years of seperation.

Nicholas sparks always come up with stories that unraveled beliefs,love and something we feel. Message in a bottle propelled me to cry with a plausible thought that true love, alway remain in heart no matter what. 
This novel is all about a man named Garrett who is left with two questions plagued him without answers.

1. Will he ever forget his lost wife catherine and move ahead with new aspirations?
2. Will he love Theresa as much as he loved Catherine? 

And when he learned his feelings for Theresa. Life took a forlorn turn which left Theresa with a permanent fence.

AWWW Moment

Page-202 Garrett voice turned serious. ''hey, i want you to know something.''
What?  Theresa.
"I miss you."
Page-205 Roses sent by Garrett to Theresa in her office. With a note he miss her and longing to meet her again.

Message in a Bottle will left your heartbeat surging.
-A Novel Reviewer (Moheta)

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