Friday, 24 February 2017

And The Mountains Echoed

Novel-And the mountains echoed
Author-Khaled Hosseini

It gives you hope.-A Novel Reviewer(Moheta)

we humans love chasing mirages. Sometimes we suffered a number of exasperating setbacks, and for that we blame God. We draw ourselves with incredulity in God.

But I can say after reading Khaled hosseini, 'And the mountains echoed'. My perception has changed, not everything we perceive is negative, it all depends how we see it. He is an impeccable author, no words can describe his work. His novel initiate like this, Once there was baba, he reached the div fort. With shredded clothes, feet bloodied, all dusty. Violent wind nearly tore him still he continue to walk until he reach div's massive gate of fort.
Who dare? The doc voice boomed when baba threw stone at the gate. Baba stated his name and said. I come from the village named maidan. Do you have a wish to die? What is your business? Said div.
"I have down here to kill you"
The doc grinned, may I ask you what evil I have commited against you? "You took my youngest son", baba replied. He was the most dearest thing to me.
The doc grunted him again and studied baba thought he than ask him to follow him. They walked until they reach one room which has large window and it was covered with curtain. The div pull the curtain open. Through the window, baba looked down on an enormous garden, and it was filled with vibrant colours flowers. In three lifetimes he could not have imagined a place so beautiful. But bought baba on knees when he saw his son 'kalyan' alive and more than well. He than thought, if my son stays with me, may be I ll then not be able to afford all the facilities he deserves. I should let it go.


Khaled Hosseini has come up with this ecstatic novel just to change our perception towards impeccable world, and to draw your own world of happiness and love.

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