Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Mrs Funny Bones

Novel-Mrs. Funny Bones.
Author-Twinkle Khanna.

Hilarious and Twinkle whacking observation about common world problem. 
- A Novel Reviewer (Moheta).

I would not recommend this novel to someone who is not ready to read someone views about certain topics. But i would say she is way better than Chetan Bhagat. People who had read 'What Young India wants' of Chetan Bhagat and found it babbling your views about Bhagat writting will eventually turn out to that he is very poor writer i won't say that he is indeed bad writer, earlier his writings were more appropriate and intelligent but they have turned into more chidishly now a days.

Back to Twinkle Khanna, in her novel she  has described her own views in hilarious way plus you do not get bored unless Chetan Bhagat Novels always tend too.

Her observations about life is wholly unique. When she find out that her son has fallen in love even though he is not a teen rather than reacting OMG! how could you and blah blah... like our parent do. she made a smart move rather than abolishing or setting point against his thought she waited for a magic and it happend in the end where her son girlfriend has to move out of mumbai because her dad is transffered to some other state. I am still thinking we indians are growing very fast like a a boy not even a teen is falling in love. But it is not even his fault as he is describing new world in his own way like unless in his age we get confuse where to sit in class.

Yes to the one you want to read for entertainment purpose as this novel doesnt require our imagination button to get on, but simply read and smile.

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